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Biz Chats with Women Business Owners

Jul 30, 2018

Regina Nakayenga started Rena Beverage Solutions as her retirement plan. Rena produces highly nutritious beverages and powders from organically grown hibiscus flowers and seeds, palm seeds, okra and rosemary.Podcast & show notes:

Jul 23, 2018

Fransisca is the Managing Director of Nature Responsible Safaris, a tour company specializing in responsible tourism and travel to eco-friendly lodges and camps.  The company also links its customers directly to local community projects. Podcast and show notes:

Jul 16, 2018

Bilhah, the owner and Managing Director of BIL Honey Enterprises works with over 100 women beekeepers in Baringo County, Kenya to produce unadulterated honey and honey by-products. for podcast and show notes

Jul 9, 2018

Christine Auma, Managing Director of Jubilee House of Hospitality seeks to introduce a formal and professional approach to the hospitality sector, as an alternative to the informal approach taken by many in Uganda. Podcast and show notes at

Jul 2, 2018

Eva established E-Logistics in 2008 to both trade in coffee and create inclusive linkages across the coffee global value chain.  She is committed to seeing women participate at all levels of the coffee value chain.  Listen to the podcast and download show notes at